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Osipovichi Region Executive Committee
Main Dear friends!

Dear friends!

Osipovichsky district - one of the largest industrial centers of the Mogilev region, an important transportation hub of the country.

In the history of its development there were many significant events. This is the era of revolutionary change, and the intense rhythm of pre-war five-year plans, and protection of the Motherland from the fascist invaders during the Great Patriotic War, and rebuild war-ravaged economy. Throughout all these years Laborers District multiplied the glory of the Belarusian land, its national heritage.

Osipovichsky region today - is an area in which the heroism of the past combined with the patriotism this spiritualized inexhaustible energy and a high sense of duty people. Thanks to their creative work is growing and our land more beautiful, confident in the future. Currently, it has become a major economic system with a developed agricultural and industrial complex, equipped with modern amenities and constantly keep pace with the times. The products of many industrial enterprises of our district is well known not only in different parts of Belarus, but also in countries near and far abroad. What all of you, dear countrymen, a deep appreciation and a low bow! Let all your dreams come true and plans!

And residents of our region - a truly hospitable people with a broad mind, are ready to surround each guest a warm, caring and sincere attention.

So we cordially invite all good people to us!

Sincerely yours -
Chairman Osipovichi District Executive Committee Konstantsin ZHYHUTSKI